Starbright is a Waldorf and LifeWays inspired preschool with an emphasis on the arts and science through nature exploration.   It is a small school with a capacity for 34 children, ages 2 years to 5 1/2  years. The curriculum emphasizes whole child development.

Starbright has created an environment in which children can keep intact the “magic” and “dreaminess” of childhood. The atmosphere is intimate, home-like and harmonious. The classroom is set up to encourage imaginative play and the creative process. The materials available have been chosen to allow small and large motor skills to develop in an organic, holistic way. The activities focus on artistic expression, the flowering of the imagination and on social skills and interactions which encourage cooperation and non-aggression. The activities are planned and designed to help the children as they develop their small muscles, their large muscles, their language, and their relationships with other children and adults.

Cooperative, harmonious, non-aggressive social skills are part of the daily learning process. The rhythmical nature of the daily schedule and the engrossing, lyrical quality of the activities themselves form the basis for our discipline. We want the children to appreciate and learn as much as they can about the world around them, to learn about themselves, and to explore their own sense of creativity.

There is a definite schedule for each day of the week. A rhythm is established that alternates unstructured imaginative play with structured artistic activities. These include games, songs, fingerplays, watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, handwork and sewing, crafts, bread baking, soup making, creative dramatics, gardening, nature exploration, storytelling and movement exercises.

The curriculum is Waldorf and LifeWays influenced and is appropriate for the developmental needs of the young child.  It is multicultural and includes the celebration of many ethnic and cultural festivals and holidays. Spanish is taught by a visiting teacher.  A yearly rhythm has been established based on the natural flow of the seasons. Circles, activities and celebrations reflect these changes.

Our teachers are nurturing and loving. They are trained and have experience in working with small children. The toys and materials used are simple and, for the most part, made of natural fibers. Some of these include blocks, wooden toys and animals, soft knit and cloth dolls, fabric, dress-ups, rocking horses, a doll house, a puppet house and a housekeeping corner. There is an extensive library of children’s books. There are several animals in residence. There are also puzzles, manipulatives, art supplies and musical instruments.

The outdoor area is very large with a rolling terrain. It is fenced and shaded with many trees and has swings, a large sandbox, a playscape, a log cabin, a slide, and riding toys. There are many beautiful gardens, with flowers, herbs, and vegetables in the yard.

Snacks are served daily. They are wholesome, nutritious and vegetarian. During most of the year, except for the warmest summer months,  the snacks consist of cooked grains and pasta several days of the week.  The children make their own bread and soup and fruit salad, which they eat for snack. Sugar is very rarely used. Children bring their own lunches. Families with many different dietary choices attend the school and each child’s diet is respected.

Full day care is offered as well as partial day options and partial week options. For more information or to schedule a visit, please call the school

– Jean Dordek, M. Ed., L.P.C., Director

Starbright Preschool does not discriminate in hiring of staff and/ or enrollment of students on the basis of race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation. The staff and students come from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, economic levels and lifestyles.

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