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Wait List Application & Deposit Contract

Thank you for choosing to add your child to the Starbright Preschool waiting list. In order to secure your child’s spot on the list, we ask that you submit a non-refundable $50 Wait List Application Fee along with a completed wait list application and deposit contract. You may submit your application via mail, email or fax for processing. The wait list application fee can be submitted via mail or submitted to the office directly. Please make checks payable to Starbright Preschool.

Starbright is a small school and only a small number of spaces become available each year.  The waiting list is always open and enrollment opportunities depend on available spaces in the school as well as your child’s birth date and age.  Siblings of currently enrolled and former students are given priority; thereafter, applicants are considered in order of the date the application and fee are received, and according to our goal of balancing gender, age, temperament, and diversity in the classroom. If your child is accepted as a student, an Enrollment Deposit of $300 is due immediately. This deposit holds your child’s space and is non-refundable. More information about these fees can be found on our website. Each year your child is on the waitlist and does not receive a space you will need to contact the school in September to confirm you want to remain on the active list.


Child’s Name: ______________________________________Date of Birth: __________________Gender:  _____

Parent/Guardian _______________________________________________________________________________

Phone (cell) _________________________                         Phone (work) _________________________

Email _____________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________ Zip __________________

Parent/Guardian _______________________________________________________________________________

Phone (cell) _________________________                         Phone (work) _________________________

Email _____________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________ Zip __________________


Preferred Starting Date _________________________________________________________________

Preferred Attendance: (M W F or T Th or M – F or Any days that are available /7:00 – 2:30 or 7:00 – 6:00 or 2:30 – 6:00)

1st   M W F _____ T Th_____ M – F _____   Any days that are available ______ Hours ______________

2nd   M W F _____ T Th_____ M – F _____ Any days that are available ______ Hours ______________

3rd   M W F _____ T Th_____ M – F _____ Any days that are available ______ Hours _______________

Please let us know how you heard about Starbright Preschool (referral from family, friend or other school; the Internet; or other)? Do you know any other families who attend or have attended Starbright? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

What are your main reasons for choosing Starbright?_______________________________________________



  1. Please list all schools or child-care facilities your child has attended or is currently attending and dates of enrollment. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Please describe your child’s temperament using as many adjectives as you can (i.e., slow-to-warm, outgoing, reserved, observant, energetic, confident, talkative, inquisitive, playful, rowdy, compliant, strong-willed, shy, happy, etc.). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1. Has your child been evaluated for, or diagnosed with, any special needs (behavioral, sensorial, or psychological)? If yes, please list. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1. Please provide pertinent information regarding your child’s medical history (illnesses, allergies, operations, traumas, conditions, mental or physical challenges, and the like). Feel free to use a separate piece of paper to provide additional information that would be helpful for us. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Initial each of the following:

  • _____ Even though I have chosen a preferred start date for my child I understand that openings are offered as they become available. I understand that there is no guarantee that an opening will be available on my preferred date and that I could be offered start dates that is different from my preferred date   Most openings occur during the summer or early fall. The school cannot hold an unpaid space.
  • _____ I understand that I could be offered an attendance option that is different from my first or second choice. And I understand that if I have only one preferred choice that it might not become available.
  • _____ I understand that applying for a part time opening does not guarantee my first choice of days and hours.
  • _____ I understand that Starbright will only be able to hold an offered space for 48 hours. If I do not confirm that I am accepting the offered space within 48 hours, I will lose that offered space.
  • _____ I understand that I need to check in with Starbright every six months so that Starbright knows I am still interested.
  • _____ I understand that I need to call Starbright immediately with any changes to any of the above in order to keep this application active.
  • _____ I understand and agree to Starbright’s Fees and Tuition.

The parent(s) must sign this form.

Parent Signature _______________________________________   Date _____________________

Parent Signature _______________________________________   Date _____________________

Office Use: Check # ______________ Received _______________  Amount ___________________

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