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Eurythmy began in 1912 as an art of movement and later became part of the curriculum of Waldorf Schools.  Eurythmy is taught to the young child beginning around age three and one-half or four.  It has been included in the curriculum at Starbright since 1987.


For the young child who lives so fully in their senses, in movement and imitation, eurythmy is an activity which can engage their whole being:  body, soul, and spirit.  Through movement, gesture, and rhythm, the children are lead through stories and poems which correspond to the seasons, activities in daily life, as well as the world of imagination. Physically the children are active through stepping, running, skipping in various ways, as well as moving up and down, in and out, with large and small movements.  The imagination is stimulated through the images and characters of the poems brought to life in movement.  Inner and outer flexibility are strengthened by the changing of one activity to another, one mood, picture, or tempo to another, as the story progresses to a calm and restful conclusion.  It is used both pedagogically and therapeutically to bring inner balance and a sense of well being.


The teacher is Barbara Bresette-Mills.  Barbara was born and raised in Kansas where she later received a BFA.  She completed her four year eurythmy training in Spring Valley, NY in 1991.  Since then, she has taught and performed in Michigan, New York, and Connecticut.  She moved to Austin in 1996 with her husband, Jack, and three other eurythmists.  She recently finished further training as a Curative Eurythmist. Currently she is a member of the Austin Eurythmy Ensemble and offers adult eurythmy classes and workshops.

At Starbright

Eurythmy is best performed uninterrupted.  To preserve the continuity of the lesson, arrive before 8:50am.  Eurythmy begins at 9:00am.  Arriving early will allow you enough time to say goodbye and give your child enough time to put on their eurythmy shoes.





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