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Instructions to Administer Medication

• In order for the staff to administer any medication (prescription or non-prescription) to a child, the Authorization for Dispensing Medication form must be completely filled out and signed by the parent.

• All medication (prescription and non-prescription) must be in its original container and labeled with your child’s name and the date the medication is left at Starbright. Medication can only be administered in the amounts according to the label directions.

• All medication must be removed from the cabinet in 2 weeks for prescription and 3 weeks for non-prescription medication. If you wish us to keep it longer, please fill out a new form at the end of the stated time to renew our permission to give medication.

• You must complete a permission form with all information filled in.

• Give labeled medicine to the Office. Make sure to indicate if the medicine needs to be refrigerated.

• Give the permission form to the Office. Do not just leave it on the kitchen counter. Verbally tell your child’s teacher that there is medication for your child.

• For non-prescription medications use the same procedure as for prescription medication.  Medication must not be left in the child’s lunch box.

• The child cannot self-administer any form of medication

The Authorization for Dispensing Medication Form is available on a clipboard in the kitchen for in-school use.

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