• The east side of Valley View Road, the far side of the street across from Starbright is posted NO PARKING from the apartment entrance driveway to just past the first set of duplexes including their driveway.

• Directly in front of the school is posted ‘restricted to 15 minutes for quick drop off or pickup’.

• From the 15 minute zone to the driveway into the Sr. Citizen center parking lot is posted NO PARKING.

• The Starbright driveway is reserved for staff only. • Parking is now posted so that parking is not allowed on both sides of the street at the same point.

The street is very narrow. When people park on both sides of the street emergency vehicles such as Ambulances and Fire Trucks are unable to get through. We have been informed that emergency vehicles will just push their way through, causing damage to whatever cars are in their way.

Notes about Parking: The No Parking zones were also created to make it easier for our neighbors on the east side of the street to get in and out of their driveways. If you park too close to the driveway or directly across from a neighbor’s driveway, it can become virtually impossible for the neighbor to pull out of their driveway.

If you plan on being at Starbright for more than 15 minutes, we suggest that you park in the Senior Citizen center parking lot next door.  The lot belongs to a Parks and Recreation Department  facility and is  public property. Use your discretion, don’t block the seniors and park in the corner of the lot closest to Starbright.

In the past, police officers have been called out regarding our parking on the street. So far we’ve been fortunate and haven’t been ticketed. We were given the opportunity to move the vehicles. However, APD will ticket and tow if we are blocking the street.  They will also  ticket for cars parked facing the wrong direction on the street.

It is especially important that we do not block the street or the neighbor’s driveways when we have special events going on (Example: Pumpkin Patch, Parent Evenings, etc.). We would prefer not to make waves with the neighbors, the city and the police. Thank you all for your help with this.

Thank you, Jean Dordek (director)

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