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Pre-Literacy Activities

Pre-literacy skills are the first step towards reading.  At Starbright we promote these skills in fun, imaginative ways, through activities, songs, stories and play.

Reading to the children helps them develop listening skills and build their attention span and helps the child connect the spoken word with the written.  Starbright has an extensive library.  Each month one of our parent librarians changes the books in the classroom to correlate with the month’s curriculum,  the season,  and the skills the teachers are working on with the children. The children are taught how to properly care for the books.

Writing materials are provided and we use alphabet ink stamps and playdough stamps.The children are given the opportunity to recognize and learn how to spell their name.  At Starbright the alphabet is displayed using beautiful, aesthetically pleasing prints.  The children look at the letters, talking about them and singing the alphabet song.

Rhyming and repetition are essential for building literacy skills. The class Circle time consists of songs, circle games, fingerplays, puppet plays and stories which provides  an opportunity to build these basic reading skills in a fun way.  Phonological awareness is seamlessly incorporated into these activities.    The children learn to create mental pictures based on language.  A main component of beginning to read is the ability to form a mental picture from the words in order to give them meaning.  Circle activities in which the children learn ryhmes and poems exercises the ‘memorization’ muscle also.

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