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Snack and Laundry Guidelines

Parent Snack Contribution & Laundry Guidelines



  1. All parents are required to provide a fruit contribution on their designated day, per the tuition contract guidelines signed by all parents.


  1. Each family is expected to participate in bringing fruit and/or vegetables to be served to all the children at snack time (34 children). Your snack turn will be listed on each month’s activity calendar. This will happen every four to six weeks. Bring your fruit/vegetable on the day listed if possible.


  1. Do not prep fruit at home, commercial prep is fine. This is a Health Department guideline we must follow.


  1. Please refer to our monthly Snack Schedule (sent out with monthly activity calendars) for specifics on what snacks Starbright provides.


Fruit Snack Suggestions

**this contribution is given to both classes (34 children) and is in addition to what main snack Starbright provides**


Apples (8-10)

Bananas (8-12)

Berries (approx.. 32 oz.)

Kiwi (10)

Melons (1-2)

Oranges (6-8)

Peaches (6-8)

Pears (6)

Pineapple (1)

Plums (6-8)


This is not all-inclusive, so ask if you wonder about bringing another item.


Laundry Responsibility


It is each family’s responsibility to pick up at least one laundry basket to launder on your laundry day, listed on the month’s activity calendar.  Laundry will include tablecloths, towels, classroom play clothes, dress-ups, toys, sheets and any other dirty items.  Please return the laundry folded.  If you do NOT have a washer or dryer, please notify us ASAP. Dirty laundry will be labeled with your child’s name and set out in the classroom or on the deck. If you do not see a laundry basket with your child’s name, please ask one of your child’s teachers.

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