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Social & Self Help Skills

At Starbright, the children learn how to interact socially throughout the daily activities and imaginary play. They learn problem solving skills while working through a difficult task.  They learn negotiation skills with other children and teachers in all activites.  They learn manners at the snack table and lunch table.  They learn patience while waiting and empathy when they have hurt someone or someone is just sad and needs space.  The teachers work with each child to learn self control over irrational impulses and how to express themselves properly when angry.  Community skills,  such as sharing, taking turns and how to treat others and the classroom belongings with respect are learned as they help with clean up or work together on group projects.  The teachers work with the children to learn conflict resolution, a complicated skill that will help them all through life.   They work with each child  whenever a disagreement occurs with another child that can not be easily resolved.

At Starbright,  the children are encouraged to help themselves whenever possible in an effort to foster independence.  They learn to pour water in their cups to drink,  they participate in parts of snack preparation, they spread their own cream cheese on crackers,  they use tongs to serve themselves and learn to give themselves an appropriate portion.  The children learn to care for their own belongings, including shoes, clothing, raincoats, boots, snack dishes, and lunch boxes.  They learn potty training (the younger children) and proper hand washing (all ages).  One of the most important self help skills, dressing themselves occurs all through the day as they take potty breaks, transition inside and out, puting on and taking off, shoes and jackets, and during imaginative play as they use classroom dress ups and play clothes.  Navigatting the terrain of the  play yard and learning how to use the play yard equipment is an important skill that leaves the chidren feeling proud of their ability.

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