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Visiting the Classroom

We are so excited for your child to start coming to Starbright! Here are some things to know before coming to visit.

Schedule Rainbow Room visits HERE.  Please contact the office to schedule Stargarden visits. Visits are 1.5 hours Maximum.

When visiting a Starbright classroom, the goal is to familiarize your child with the environment so they will be comfortable and confident when they start.

• We want them to explore indoors and outdoors while accompanied by the parent for reassurance and supervision (if necessary, especially outdoors).

• We want them to meet the teachers while accompanied by the parent for reassurance.

• We want them to observe the activities and participate if they want.

• It is important that the play of the other children and the rhythm and activities of the day are not interrupted.

Please follow the instructions below to make your visit harmonious.

• Two (2) visits are typical.

• We ask that only one parent accompanies the visiting child due to our limited space in the Rainbow room.

• We ask that siblings not accompany the visiting child to minimize disruptions.

• Visiting children are invited but not required to participate in activities. Some children need to observe first.

• During visits we ask that you respect the classroom environment and refrain from any and all unnecessary conversation with other parents, teachers or children. The children and teachers are focused on the activities, and distractions can disrupt the rhythm of the classroom.

• If you have questions about procedures and curriculum, do not ask them while visiting in the room. Rather consult with the office about an appropriate time to discuss them with the teacher and director.


Find a place to sit in the classroom where your child can be involved in an activity. Make sure that you are not in the middle of the activity but as much on the fringes as your child will allow. Standing and excessive movement will distract from other children’s play. Table toys, sitting with your child in circle, and sitting on the floor with a basket of toys or a book are the best ways to engage your child in the classroom.

Do not interact with the other children unless necessary. We want their play and activities to be uninterrupted as much as possible. Allow the teachers to handle squabbles and safety situations. The children are naturally friendly and may try to engage you in a conversation. Please refrain from more than a simple answer.

If your child is having trouble with a social situation, assist them. If you need help from the teacher or advice about what to do feel free to ask for help with that incident. The teachers will assume that you are in charge of your child. They may intervene if your child is aggressive to another child.

• Be sure not to block a path where children or adults frequently walk, such as the stairs and near the diaper table, although it is possible to sit on the stairs carefully out of the way.

Do not talk to the teachers except to ask directions. Visits are not times for asking questions. Save your questions or concerns for later whenever possible. The teachers are expected to be busy every minute they are with the children. Even if they do not look busy at that moment, the teacher’s attention must be on the children at all times. Their attention is an important part of their classroom management technique. The teachers would be glad to speak with you on the phone during nap or at the end of a shift. You may also take any questions or comments to the office staff.

Do not leave your child alone in the room without you. If you feel that you need to leave the room, to visit the restroom or the office and your child seems settled you must first discretely ask the teacher if it’s a good time. Even if your child seems content, once you leave they may feel unsure of the situation and need to be comforted by the teacher. Transitions and Circle are not times that the teacher is available to give special attention to an child unfamiliar with the class.

• If you need to change a diaper while visiting feel free to use the diaper changing area.

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